Ye Zhang


Ph.D. Candidate

Columbia University Economics Department


Welcome! I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Economics Department at Columbia University after finishing my undergraduate study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). ​I will join Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) as an Assistant Professor in Finance starting in August 2021.

My research explores topics related to empirical corporate finance, especially entrepreneurial finance, by using multidisciplinary research methods. In particular, I enjoy designing field and lab-in-the-field experiments to study important entrepreneurship and finance-related questions. These experiments, similar to art, help people understand the world while providing their designers with enough freedom and space for imagination. 

Research Interest: Entrepreneurial Finance, Field Experiments, Sustainable Investment, Real Estate  

CV: available here


Working Papers

1. "How Venture Capitalists Bet: Evidence From Two Randomized Controlled Trials"(Available on SSRN)

2. "ESG and Venture Capital Investment: Experimental Evidence" (Draft Available Upon Request)

3. "Discrimination In the Venture Capital Industry: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials" (Available on ArXiv, Identifier 2010.16084)

4. "The Microstructure of U.S. Housing Market: Evidence from Millions of Bargaining Interactions,with Haaris Mateen, Franklin Qian

Work in Progress

1. "Who Are the Most Attractive Venture Capitalists? Evidence from Lab-in-the-field Experiment," with Junlong Feng  (The pilot study is completed)

2. "Track the Venture Capital Investment Climate: Experimental Evidence from Global VC Industry"

3. "Initial Public Offerings and Expectation in the Housing Market," with Haaris Mateen, Franklin Qian


Instructor:    Corporate Finance                           Summer 2018 

LTF:              Economics Department Lead Teaching Fellow     2018- 2019


These digital paintings are designed to show my deepest acknowledgements to my advisors for their guidance and protection when I almost gave up. Thanks also go to our academic community and entrepreneurial community for their feedback and support.       



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